Example of output device in computer-5 Types of output device

example of output device in computer-types of output device

Example of output device in computer-5 types of output device

example of output device in computer-types of output device
example of output device in computer

Definition of Output Device

Devices that show or provide the desired computer results are known as output devices. Similar to how we express ourselves with our hands and mouths, a computer uses its output devices to produce its output.

Example of output device in computer

1. Monitor

2 Printer

3. Speaker

4. Plotter

5. Screen Image Projector

1. Monitor

An output device that shows all completed work and visuals on its screen is called a monitor. Another name for it is a visual display unit, or VDU. Following input processing, the result is displayed on the monitor. Dot pitch, resolution, and refresh rate are the three most frequently mentioned monitor quality parameters.

CRT and LCD displays are the two main types of monitor technologies now in use.

Monitors with CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes): The majority of computer monitors have historically used CRTs. An electron beam is moved back and forth across the screen’s back in a CRT. The screen illuminates whenever the beam crosses it.

Example of Output Device in computer
Monitor LCD Example of output device in computer

The active area of the screen is illuminated by phosphor dots within the glass tube. It fills the screen with images from top to bottom by drawing several lines of this kind. The screen is coated with a thin layer of phosphorescent materials, or “phosphors,” which excite when electrons hit them and release light, producing illuminated dots known as “pixels.” On a display, these tiny dot pixels produce images.

LCD (Liquid crystal display):-Monitor A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a lightweight, thin screen consisting of one or more color or monochrome pixels arranged in front of a reflector or light source. It is appropriate for use in battery-powered electrical gadgets since it consumes extremely little electric power.


The main output device used to obtain a hard copy or printed copy of work on paper, slides, clothing, etc. is a printer. To create long-lasting papers, it is used.

Example of output device in computer

Types of printer Example of output device in computer

Printers are divided into three groups Example of output device in computer

1-Serial Printers (Character Printers)

With speeds ranging from 200 to 400 characters per second (cps), or around 90 to 180 lines per minute (1pm), serial printers print one character at a time as they move over the page.

2. Line Printers

Line printers are frequently found in data centers and industrial settings, where they may print between 400 and 2.000 lines per minute (pm) at a time.

3. Page Printers

More than 800 pages per minute (ppm) can be printed at once by page printers. It can print a lot of data. Depending on how they print, there are two sorts of printers.

Impact Printer Example of output device in computer:-Impact printing equipment use a combination of paper, ribbon, and character impacts to transfer the picture onto paper. Among them are daisy wheel and dot-matrix printers.

(I) Dot-matrix Printer Example of output device in computer:-The technique of putting dots to create an image is referred to as “dot matrixing,” with the dots per inch (dpi) determining the image’s quality. A dot matrix printer uses a print head that moves up and down the page, to and to print by pressing an ink-soaked ribbon up against the paper. Dot-matrix printers don’t yield very good results and are somewhat pricey. Because dots are used to make characters, the output quality is low. The range of printing speeds is 180 cps to 240 cps, 260 cps, 300 cps, and 360 cps.

Types of output device

(II) Daisy-wheel Printer:- It is a printer that uses a printing element, called a daisy wheel or print wheel that consists of a disk with a plastic or The print heal is located in the center of a touched metal hub. A hammer strikes the carved image of a type character against ink-coated paper at the end of each spoke, forming an image. The wheel turns until the right character faces the paper. After that, the mechanism is shifted to the next spot. Daisy wheel printers don’t operate very quickly. It can print at speeds between 180 and 280 cps. Daisy wheel printers are generally slow and noisy, and they are unable to print designs or images.

Non-impact Printer

This particular kind of printer doesn’t work by pressing heat against a ribbon. The main significance of the word “non-impact” is in its ability to differentiate silent printers from noisy (impact) printers. Laser and inkjet printers are two types of non-impact printers.

Ink jet Printer:-For home computer users, it’s a non-impact character printer that prints by misting paper with streams of fast-drying ink. Ink jet printers come in two varieties: mono and color. Disposable ink cartridges are used to store the ink. Usually, a different cartridge is utilized for every primary color, which are Black, Red/Magenta, Green/Cyan, and Yellow. A fine nozzle ejects a set of unique ink that creates characters and graphics. Despite the fact that inkjet printers are frequently quite affordable, the cost of the ink cartridges that are used in them raises both the printer’s total cost and the cost of printing. The print quality is good, and the 360 dpi to 600 dpi print speed is available.

ink jet Printer example to output device

Laser Printer:-A laser printer prints pages quickly. This kind of printer creates an image on a drum by using a laser beam. Anywhere the laser’s light strikes the drum, it modifies the electrical charge there. After that, the drum is rolled through a toner reservoir, where the charged parts of the drum pick them up. Finally, a combination of pressure and heat is used to transfer the toner to the paper. We thus obtain the print. Laser printers come in two varieties: mono and color. It prints more quickly and with higher quality than other printers. It can print between 12 and 20 pages per minute.

example of output device in computer laser printer

Thermal Printer (Electro Thermal Printer):-A thermal printer is a kind of printer that prints images onto thermal or coated thermo-chromic paper by means of heated pins. The coating on the paper becomes black in the heated places as it passes over the thermal print head, creating an image. Such Certain printer types are frequently found in fax machines and calculators. They generate print jobs with high quality and no noise.


An output device called a speaker is frequently used for entertainment purposes to listen to music and sound. The speakers that are attached to our computer are used to handle sound and music. It requires a sound card that is connected to a CPU in order to make sounds.

5 output device in computer


An output device that produces graphical outputs is called a plotter. Plotters use pens to draw lines, which sets them apart from printers. They are therefore able to generate continuous lines, while printers are limited to simulating lines by printing closely spaced dots. It generates work of excellent quality. It is mostly utilized to create the designs needed by physicians, engineers, city planners, and other professionals.

Plotter output device

5-Screen Image Projector

 It is an output device that enables an image, such as a computer screen, to be projected on a flat surface. These devices are commonly used in meetings and presentations as they project a large image covering everyone present there.

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